Duke Nukem 3D download available in Android Market

Duke Nukem 3D is now an absolute cult game back in the Android Market. Duke Nukem is undoubtedly a classic in the 90′s and waited for a long time he has done it again recently on the PC. If one can argue about the quality as well. In Android, Duke Nukem 3D now for $1. However, there is only the first episode. Episode 2 and 3 can be purchased later in the game. The next game is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Duke Nukem is not particularly known for the adult characters. Storywise confirms Duke is always like a B-movie quality. Graphically, it obviously can not compete with Shadowgun, also did not even try though.

Duke Nukem 3D has been available for over a year to iOS. Reviews come mainly control very difficult. This, however, seems to be taken not as Android. Here, the iPad version.

Link: Duke Nukem 3D Android Market


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