Do all new iOS 6 goodness on Android devices

Do all new iOS 6 goodness on Android devices - iOS 6 on Android devices, iOS 6 update, iOS 6 for Android devices. Not everyone knows that Apple clearly divided the land of his last iOS at WWDC 2012, ie iOS 6, which the faithful IOS said it was the best thing since sliced ​​bread, but when you get to see New features in IOS 6, usually most of what Apple iOS new offerings and can be done on the Android platform.
Do all new iOS 6 goodness on Android devices
The guys over at Droid life took some time to check the 'new' functions IOS 6, and that Apple does not use terms like "reinvent" any more than during the presentation but rather gave the impression that they knew there was changed, the game, but to add features that should have long ago IOS.

So now Apple has given Google Maps to boot from the IOS, and left with their own version called simply "maps" the boys say it is one of the standard maps and navigation application with turn-by -Turn Navigation, the images of the city in 3D, recommendations and road traffic and voice, so nothing really new, and Android users have known this for centuries.

IOS is now 6 deep integration with Facebook, allowing the faithful to share in Facebook IOS in a moment, shortly after the URL, with the sync contacts and calendar, once again something that Android users do not can only Facebook and Twitter.

Apple also introduced Safari tab in sync iOS 6, but the boys say that no one actually uses Safari is not quite sure what function to use, since Chrome is the most popular browser out there and had the synchronization of the data through devices about two months, then this may be a way for Apple to convince users to use Safari on a desktop, if you want to use synchronization.

FaceTime IOS 6 can now be used in a cellular network, rather than through wifi, but is new to the IOS platform is not really new, as did the video chat Many applications on Android, and of course natively using Google Talk for ages.

Rapid responses to incoming calls, now in IOS 6 is not new to the game or, as Android is to hang someone, more often than not presented with a menu that offers the ability to text or remind call back later.

IOS 6 now has a category "VIP" e, which is essentially the same as the priority of Gmail inbox, where the user can assign some electronic products to hit the VIP inbox as other things that happen in Inbox regularly, perhaps once again to the new IOS, but not in the mobile space.

There is a new application called booklet that stores such things as flight information, movie tickets, loyalty cards and coupons, and is based on the location, what seems to be quite nice. Of course, Android applications are available that are similar but not as an application all-in-one, so Apple should give him.

The guys say that if the coolest thing I had seen in IOS 6 reports Siri ratings and statistics, but said that all iPhone users 4S, said they know they are not using Siri. However, while Android does not have its own style of implementation are expected Siri Google guys shows something that could close the gap in the Google I / O 2012.

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iOS 6 on Android devices - Apple has said that there are about 200 new features in IOS 6, but the guys say this are the greatest, they were doing on stage, but the latest IOS includes some features that were available in Android for some time , so if you are a true IOS I was expecting a game-changer, then you will be a little disappointed.


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