iLife 12 Release Date - Rumors

iLife 12 - ilife 2012 release date, iwork 2012 release date, ilife, ilife 2012. iLife 12 is one of the output of the latest software product from Apple. The software suite containsa software, including iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb, all running on Mac OS Xoperating. Apple released for the purpose of this software is that users need not download or install some new programs to be used. ILife 12 is, you can simply use any and allsoftware you need is iLife 12 is provided with this.
iLife 12 Release Date - Rumors
ILife 12 software packages


iPhoto is an application that allows users to store, view, edit and share digital photos. Users can organize your photos in a number of ways. Automatically events photographs taken around the groups simultaneously. Faces uses facial recognition to identify images containing faces, which can then be labeled by users, according to who is in the photo.


iMovie is a digital video editor. The capture process of the film with a digital camera via FireWire is automated, with iMovie allowing users to reduce their videos, add special effects, and reorganize. iLife 12 iMovie also supports flash of cameras MPEG-4, AVCHD, HDV, iSight camera and Apple.


iDVD integrates with iMovie to allow recording movies on DVD, including menus based on themes (many of which use the content of the films) and the measuring points of the chapter. iDVD iLife 12 also contains the functionality needed to produce DVD MPEG2 encoder compatible content. Each new version adds menu items. No burning of Blu-ray in the current version of iDVD. In iLife '09 and iLife '11, iDVD has not been updated with the exception of a few bug fixes.


GarageBand is a music creation and podcasting application that includes more than 1,000 prerecorded loops. The program also supports software instruments and importation from real instruments like guitars and keyboards. In iLife '09, GarageBand sells pre-recorded for the instruments made by famous artists.


iWeb is a product that was released at Macworld Conference & Expo January 10, 2006. This product provides the ability to share content from other iLife applications using Apple's 12 models, and with one click upload to MobileMe (formerly. Mac)

MobileMe Web Gallery

The MobileMe web gallery from Apple is a feature designed to easily share photos with iLife on the Mac platform 12 allows users to create photo albums with the events or the Web Gallery of your MobileMe account, and allows show your photos with visitors, who can also download the images and upload their own. This feature is accessible directly through iLife 12 (iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb), which allows users to download the free Web browser.

iLife 12 rumors

The latest version, iLife '11, was publicly announced October 20, 2010, back in the event organized by Apple Mac The suite is available as a standalone product and included with all new Macintosh computers from iLife 12 version of the consumers.

However, for version 12, the rumors still very little traffic. ILife 12, which has undoubtedly been many additional new features, which in turn would make iLife 12 easier for us to manage our lives through thissoftware. Therefore, for the latest updates on new iLife 12, you can always stay up to date news on this site.

iLife 12 is now available for IOS

New display will work with photos of a treat, Apple also introduced a version of IOS iPhoto.

Although not demonstrated in today's event, the iWork applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been updated to take advantage of high-resolution screen of the new iPad, and still sell for $ 10 each with free updates.

Browse the galleries is easier with intuitive gestures as well, and the ability to compare images side by side, a great use of the retina shows an IOS device. For professional photographers the new iPad can manipulate and process images up to 19MP in size, slightly behind the maximum resolution of the current culture of digital SLR cameras. But if you're on the road to iLife 12 makes it a convenient way to view and make quick adjustments to an image before sending iLife 12 to an editor. Or simply share iLife 12 on Twitter and Flickr.

And since the only thing better than sharing a photo with someone is the sharing of multiple photos, you will be able to create and share a smart-looking newspaper with several photos and captions. iLife 12 type double as an event log of your day is documented in photos, and even goes so far as to enter the date from the EXIF ​​data of images and remember what was the weather that day. You know, where the sun shines on the back of their boxes on the left are wondering if iLife 12 is carried out in the rain.

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iLife 12 Release Date Rumors
iLife 12 - iLife 12 in a growing rumor in the market to be launched soon. In somesources say that this software will be released on October 20, but in fact the date is still uncertain, because Apple has said the official news iLife12 date. So for those of you who want to get iLife 12 is scheduled to be patient listen to iLife 12. And that's the end of iLife 12.


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