iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date - Rumors

iPod Nano 8th Generation - apple ipod nano 8th generation release date, ipod nano 8th generation rumors, review, specs. iPod Nano could also be a digital media player designed and marketed by Apple. The nano first generation iPod was introduced in late 2005 as a replacement intervals for the iPod Mini. It uses flash memory for storage. The iPod Nano has been tried and true six models, or generations, since its introduction. This "sixth generation" iPod nano is compatible with FM radio, pedometer and a 39.1 mm (1.54 in) ² 240 × 240 programs with a multitouch interface.
iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date - Rumors
iPod Nano rumors eighth generation chamber
Apple plans to include a camera and play on the iPod Nano small, so it is more than just a music player.
According to an article on Apple Insider, "environmentally sensitive screen Tag" Apple patent titled published by the Patent Office U.S. and Trademark Office indicates that the company plans to add new sensors to a camera and new software features.

The patent application, which was discovered by Apple Insider, says the company plans to introduce new software for the device would support the screen.
Apple patent describes a technology that uses special sensors to display the contents or change the orientation of the content that appears on the screen.

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iPod Nano 8th Generation - The current sixth-generation iPod Nano device does not come with a camera and users can not install additional software besides what came with the device.
Outside the game function, the patent also indicates that the motion sensor, a temperature sensor and a microphone. These features could be used for innovative mobile games in the future.


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