Mac mini 2012 - Rumors

Mac mini 2012 - new mac mini 2012, mac mini 2012 release date, mac mini 2012 rumors. Just a few days ago, a user on our Facebook page was just wondering when can we expect a new Mac Mini this year. Currently, the Mac mini is 243 days from the soda, and at that point in time is what would have been considered the ideal means for updating the Mini, but since the introduction of the late summer, There was a big difference from previous updates. The average time for an update now stands at just over 350 days.
Mac mini 2012 - Rumors
Mac mini 2012 - If you remember last year the Mac mini has been updated after the release of Mac OS X Lion and was not only to promote the new operating system, but put it on the new Mac very soon the first day, and users buy as a new Mac automatically installed Leo. It seemed a wise decision by Apple and adequate time for an upgrade.

In case any of you have been following Apple recently announced that it had a new operating system in the works! (Yes, just one year after OS X Lion was released) the new operating system to be called "mountain lion" is also set to be released this summer. While this could mean a repeat of what happened last year.

Mac OS X Lion was released in late July and most likely the same period in the mountains of Leon, so the best option if you plan to buy a Mini would be to wait until July for not only a new operating system , but perhaps an updated Mac mini.

If the specifications are in his mind, one thing I hope Apple gets rid of the memory has a meager 2 GB for the start of the Mac mini. Given the fact that now in 2012, most of the computers that provide at least 4 GB of memory, along with expected Mac mini can be sent with the new Intel Ivy Bridge, and maybe since the last Mac mini server has the ability to pack in a quad core, maybe we could see that happen in the next Mac mini models as well.

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That was my next Mac Mini rumors, it seems likely that Apple could do it again, but who knows?

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